Steps By Step guide to perform data analysis with NetDMF data in Paraview3

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  • Load the required plugins. You will need NetDMFPlugin.



  • Open file via File->Open dialog. NOTE: DO NOT OPEN THE FILE via File->Recent Files in ParaView. It wont give you the option to pick one reader out of many readers capable of reading NetDMF file.


  • Since now there are two readers that are associated with NetDMF xmn extension. A select dialog will pop up asking to choose one of the reader.
  • Select NetDMF files (Data Analysis)


  • Next you will see on the left a panel just like shown below. Enter Delta Interval value as you prefer.


  • Here I chose interval value 1.0. Hit 'Apply'. A spreadsheet view will show up with the values.


  • To plot a graph. Go to Filters->Alphabetical. Select Plot Data


  • Hit Apply. The view would look like shows below.