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The NetDMF project is no longer under active development. Improvements that motivated this project have been implemented directly in XDMF.

This site is scheduled for take-down as of 1/1/2019. Contact if you have a need for this site beyond then. DEPRECATED


Build Instructions

Run Instructions

NetDMF Overview

VTK NetDMF Reader




Data Analysis

  • Introduced a new filter vtkCollectDataOvertime.
 This filter collects and aggregates data for all the  communications happened during a given delta 
 time interval. Then it outputs this results in the form of table where the first column is 
 the time that corresponds to the start time of the communication and the second column is the total data transfer 
 occurred during the given delta time interval.

To learn how to use this new filter in ParaView read Steps_By_Step_guide_to_perform_data_analysis_with_NetDMF_data_in_Paraview3.

Software Process

  • Status of the dashboards has been determined and the status is below:
    • Currently there 4 machines involved, 2 running Windows and 2 running Linux, all hosted at Kitware.
    • Paraview3, VTK, XDMF and NetDMF cvs repositories are used for the dashboards.
    • Fixed various bugs / issues to make dashboard greener.
    • 04/20/2010 Added two more dashboards for ken's working branch on amber1 and abmer9.
    • 04/20/2010 Paraview, VTK and other repositories are using git now.
  • Completed posting links to the dashboard on the wiki page.


  • Take a look at Geovis/vtkTerrain, Geovis/vtkGeoCamera clipping range, implement vtkGeoView::Render()
    • Fixed the issue with GeoView rendering primitives on top of the planet.
      • Issue was related to global setting of using Z Shifting when ParaView load modules.
      • Also fixed the the issue of clipping where the geometry close to eye was getting clipped too soon.
        • The fix introduces some interesting issue with Render() calls on VtkGeoView and its base class.
    • Implemented the workaround for holes showing up when zoomed in on the planet.


  • Separate database from queries
    • NetDMF Reader
      • Finished releasing a new version of NetDMF reader for VTK. This is generic enough to be useful in other scenarios.
      • Finished updating the new Reader to latest changes in NetDMF.
      • Finished the requirement of not adding edges to the graph if the data transfer (communication) is zero.
    • vtkTableToGraph Filter
      • Added new features for TableToGraphPanel for vtkTableToGraph to make it easy to use it. Now the arrays on the vertex table can be found automatically.
    • vtkCollapseVerticesByArray Filter
      • Added a new filter. Primarily the function of this in the context of NetDMF is to create a spatial aware graph but is generic enough to be used for other scenarios too.
      • Fixed bugs.
      • Added required code to expose this filter to Paraview.
  • User Interfaces
    • Fixed the bug with display panel for layout strategies. Earlier use could end up having multiple entries for the layout strategies.
  • vtkBoostBetweennessClustering Filter
    • Added new filter which performs clustering using boost betweenness clustering. "boost graph"
    • Added second output to the filter. Basically this output preserves the edges in the input graph. To show clustering, it adds an array "component" which has cluster ids for each vertex. Hence user can see which cluster group each vertex belongs to.
  • Added the ability to the IncrementalLayoutStrategy so that now its behavior is in accordance with the average degree of the incoming graph.
  • Added the option to vtkBoostBetweennessClustering so that now the user can provide a weight array to the algorithm.


  • Documentation
    • Added a visual documentation / instructions on how to use new features / filters / reader in Paraview.


  • Determine status of dashboard - what are the machines / repos involved?
  • Put link to dashboard on this page
  • Setup email alerts
  • Take a look at Geovis/vtkTerrain, Geovis/vtkGeoCamera clipping range, implement vtkGeoView::Render()
  • Take a second look at how Geovis framework decided to split the patches for terrain.
  • Take a second look at Render() calls on VtkGeoView and its subclass.
    • This issue resulted in requirement of two Render() calls in order to render the planet with its textures / geometry.


Fully functional NetDMF dashboard

  • Turn on Java wrapping on Windows NetDMF dashboard
  • Determine which classes should be tested
  • Add tests for these classes

Get the reader architecture right

  • Separate database from queries
  • Statistical aggregation? - Will this work with arbitrary time points? Do we just support "time range" for now?

Get the view architecture right

  • What should the view be? It would be good to move away from ParaView 3D view. Can we move to the 3D geospatial view?
  • Make it easier to implement a ParaView view.

Someday / Maybe Projects

  • Filtering based on port
  • Summary statistics
  • Add centrality algorithm