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The NetDMF project is no longer under active development. Improvements that motivated this project have been implemented directly in XDMF.

This site is scheduled for take-down as of 1/1/2019. Contact if you have a need for this site beyond then. DEPRECATED


The Subversion repository is located at

svn co

Turn on NetDMF_USE_PARAVIEW and build

Build Instructions

Build with MS Visual Studio on Windows

WinPcap library is needed to build and run NetDMF on Windows.

The development version library, required to compile.

The auto-installer of binary, required to run

Make sure the same version development library and installer are used. The binary (dll) could be built from the source, but it may take some efforts.

  • Known issues:

If "XDMF_WRAP_PYTHON" is ON and "XDMF_REGENERATE_WRAPPER" is ON, there will be a linking error of not finding

debug version of python library when building "Debug". This is a well-known python "bug/feature" with visual studio debug build.

The work around currently is to modify XdmfPython.cxx or XdmfPythonNoMPI.cxx in the binary directory, where "Python.h" is included,

 #if defined(WIN32)
 # ifdef _DEBUG
 #  undef _DEBUG
 #  if defined(_MSC_VER) && _MSC_VER >= 1400
 #    define _CRT_NOFORCE_MANIFEST 1
 #  endif
 #  include <Python.h>
 #  define _DEBUG
 # else
 #  include <Python.h>
 # endif
 # include <Python.h>

Build instructions for visualizing graphs in Paraview3

TableToGraphPanel plugin is off and commented by default. In src/Plugins/CMakeLists.txt uncomment the line below and replace OFF by ON (or run ccmake / cmake and turn it on there).

paraview_build_optional_plugin(TableToGraphPanel "TableToGraphPanel" TableToGraphPanel ON)

Update: As of April 28, 2010 changes to src/Plugins/CMakeLists.txt in ParaView is not required anymore. This panel plugin is now copied over to NetDMF and hence became part of NetDMFPlugin.